Working on a “secret” project, and fighting feature creep!

I started work on a new design, I have long had a desire to create a “product” from scratch using minimal off-the-shelf stuff. This design should help me achieve that goal, and help me learn project management(albeit on a micro scale! :P). Last year I spent some time on an esp8266 based design, new ideas got added to the design midway and a couple iterations later, i have OSHpark purple “art”. FEATURE CREEP,  as it’s called, its very hard to fight off.

This time i decided to start simple. The design has tight constraints (ultra low power consumption, dimesions) but fewer variables that might get affected by feature creep. I feel, I have mostly been successful to fight it off this time. I wouldn’t tell what the project is just yet, and i haven’t committed it to a public git repo yet(of course, it’ll be OSH). I shall make it public soon 🙂 . I think it’ll be fun, and hopefully I teach myself a few lessons in project management, and how to be persistent and finish my hobby projects!

In the mean time here’s a sneak peek of the schematic! 😀


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