Murli’s blog has a new home

Last weekend over thanksgiving, I finally found some time to move over my blog to a custom hosted solution over from the old one. I now have a custom WordPress install(this might change soon, as I’m looking at other options, which are more efficient like jekyll ).  The blog should now be snappier, also i’m planning to add a few bells and whistles on the backend (git server, host some files etc). On the hardware front, I am currently working on the ESP8266 on adding an Epaper display and a few custom sensors. I’m using a rather interesting and firmware framework called SMING, which is an interesting hybrid between the Arduino framework and native GCC. Sming I feel is still rather nascent, but the developers are working hard on refining it. I plan to finish the e paper display interface this week, and then I can go ahead with finishing the project, something that looks more like a product than a quick hack. I’ve had a few stumbling blocks along the way, which i have put them aside for now.

Its been a long time dream of mine to build some thing that look more like a store-bought product than something hacked together. This is proving to be a much tougher and more resource intensive than I expected, but I’m being persistent and have been working on and off on it for a while now. Hopefully I will have something cool to show off soon, and will be richer with interesting experiences on developing a product from scratch. 

Also my Rpi Zero came in this weekend. I played around with it a bit, I’m waiting on some cables to come so I can have a stable setup, the cables from my previous Rpi hack are kinda dodgy and dont seem to work very well, I will post a detailed review on the Zero soon.

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