Philips SHH7810 In-ear headset for Mobile Phone review

A couple of days ago i received in my order of Philips SHH7810 in-ear headset from They delivered it in like 2 days as promised. I love their service and sometimes the price is also very reasonable as compare to brick-and-mortar stores,which was true in this case.I got it for 985 INR,which i think was pretty reasonable.

The SHH7810 in my opinion is one of the cheapest and quality headsets with inline microphone that money can buy,I had done some research prior to finalizing this one, i coudn’t find any decent brand(aka sennheiser,skullcandy,sony,etc) earphones with inline mic and call.answer button,there was one from skullcandy around the 1k INR range but i was using the skullcandy ink’d for the past 8 months which was very similiar,I wanted some change and this had to be it.


It arrived in a nice little flipkart bubble wrap lined mailer bag.The contents inside were nicely protected and did not show any signs of stress from the shipping .

I sometimes hate the amount of packaging that comes with the earphones,there’s too much plastic and takes a lot of effort to open it up. 😦

The contents of the package include the standard fare 3 different sizes silicone ear plugs. And an interesting compatibility adapter that allows the headset to work with almost all of the commonly available phones with 3.5mm standard connector

I had a Motorola so i did not need the adapter!

Plugged it into my atrix 2 ,there were no issues ,the headset was recognized . Tried playing some tunes and sounded good and was stereo made some calls.I was able to pick up calls with the call/end button,Mic also worked good.

the thing that i hate about this headset is the inline volume control! I was fooled by the images on flipkart and other places! I had thought it was a push button based solution,similiar to the ones found in the inbox headsets that come with phones.Sigh! it was just a crappy volume slider which instead of sending a command to the phone to change the system volume of the phone just fiddles with the signal by changing the inline resistance which is a BAD way to do it. And from past experience is one very big potential point of failure! .In headphones these things are the first to fail. I hope that Philips has designed it well enough ,and it lasts atleast 6 months without failure!. If the headset lasts 6 months of rough use (or rather abuse!) i would call it well worth the money!

Moving on to the sound quality of these phones,the overall sound quality is good for the price. The bass i feel sometimes is as good as Sennheisers and the Skullcandys from a higher price range.Sometimes though i feel the bass is too much and it overpowers the mids ,and the mids get supressed.The Highs and decent and very seldom tend to crack very very slightly only if you listen with a very keen ear,you wont notice it otherwise!.Now there is a very important thing about these phones that i found about as i used them,You need to get the correct fit to understand the true capability of the drivers. Which is somewhat difficult sometimes since the design is a bit weird with the angled drivers and all,which philips claims to deliver better sound directly to the ear drums.Frankly,i found it a bit uncomfortable to wear,might be a new earphone thing and might take some time for my ears to get used to. But not as comfortable as my first pair of in-ears my JVC fx-33Bs! I really Miss them!

One thing i really like about the headset is ,it has small bumps on the left earpeice. This helps you to recognize the left and the right earphone even in the dark. This is

Final Words: Really good bass,OK mids and highs.OK build quality,Crappy volume control,takes some time getting used to the fit,great compatibility with almost all modern smart phones on the planet(including the iPhone!).Great value for the Price!

Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!! 🙂

Update:Tested the headset with a a bunch of phones here’s the result

Phone                                         Result

iPhone                                        Works pretty Well.

Samsung Galaxy S i9003       Worked well. Without the bundled adapter. (The adapter was meant for samsung ,nokia and sony ericsson phones!)

Sony Xperia S                          Did Not Work ,even with and without the bundled adapter a ‘headset incompatible ‘message shows up!.I was expecting it to work.

The package did not mention anything about this! They should’ve specify the exact phone models that are compatible!